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Make a smart investment today and save energy with a solar system for home!!

At Sky solar, we offer a variety of high quality solar panel systems to help you reduce your electricity costs, lock in energy rates, reduce emissions and help the environment. We make it very simple, from your initial enquiry through to the installation of the system. Our trained and professional staff take care of every part of your project installing your system to the highest standards.

There are number of factors that can influence your savings, such as location, system size, utility rates, weather and shade, however the overarching principle is the same: the more solar energy you produce, the less electricity you will have to buy from the utility company

Contact us today for the highest power outputs, most efficient products, best quality standards, longest warranties and best possible customer service, so your home can start getting benefits from solar power.

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what we supply?

3.0 kW Solar System
  • 3kW Solar System
  • Ideal for Family Size of 2-3
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4.0 kW Solar System
  • 4kW Solar System
  • Ideal for Family Size of 3-4
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5.0 kW Solar System
  • 5kW Solar System
  • Ideal for Family Size of 4-5
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6.6 kW Solar System
  • 6.6kW Solar System
  • Ideal for Family Size of 5-7
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10.0 kW Solar System
  • 10kW Solar System
  • Ideal for Family Size of 7+
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For Your Best Solar Experience, We Have Only Partnered With The Best Suppliers And Manufacturers In The Market. The Only Way To Get The Most Out Of The Sun Is By Using High Graded Products.

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