Solar For your Commercial Property

Sky Solar can provide Australian businesses with a variety of high quality solar panel systems ideal for businesses that use power during daylight hours. Our consultative approach helps us learn everything we can about your business goals and priorities, so we can design the system that best suits your business. Commercial solar is rapidly growing and has become more of a necessity than a luxury and is expected to increase over the next 20 years.

Why Solar!

There’s never been a better time to install a solar system at your business. We at Sky Solar would welcome the opportunity to show you how quickly solar energy costs turn into lower electrical bills for your business. That benefit translates into big savings that you can use to fund your workplace objectives and grow your business further.

The Sky Solar team provides businesses across Australia with solar power solutions that tick all the boxes. Our Solar Experts will work with you to determine the right commercial solar solution for your business premises that will work perfectly with your needs.

Benefits of Solar Power to Business


Installing Solar Panels will reduce your expensive electricity bills for your business. Electricity bills makes up for a significant portion of the operating cost of a business. A commercial solar panel system reduces energy running cost, creating greater efficiency, especially for businesses that operate during daytime hours.


Most businesses look for ways to support and improve their environmental impact. Installing solar panels makes a owerful corporate environmental statement.


Solar is a desirable asset to all property owners and improves the overall value of the business.


Majority of the solar panels are backed by 25-year performance warranty.

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10.0 kW Solar System
  • 10kW Solar System
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20.0 kW Solar System
  • 20kW Solar System
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30.0 kW Solar System
  • 30kW Solar System
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40.0 kW Solar System
  • 40kW Solar System
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For Your Best Solar Experience, We Have Only Partnered With The Best Suppliers And Manufacturers In The Market. The Only Way To Get The Most Out Of The Sun Is By Using High Graded Products.

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